Abdominal Support 10

Product Details:
  • Size: S, M , L , XL

Abdominal Support simply lifts & trims a sagging abdomen to help in recuperation after surgery. While holding your tummy, it offers you absolute freedom of movement, so that you can follow your daily work schedule. 

Ash Brace

Product Details:
  • Sizes: Small , Medium , Large , Extra Large , Xx Large

Anodized aluminum body has sturdy construction & appealing aesthetics. Can be shapped for perfect fitting and immobilization. Easy, slide & screw mechanism ensure accurate height customization. Anatomically shaped, Ethafoam covered pads, with swivel joints offer accurate interface & enhanced comfort. Broad & rigid back pad provides strong support to relieve the anterior pressure on vertebras.


Product Details:
  • Size: S, M , L , XL

Ideal while bike riding to avoid the strong wind draft hitting the chest region & protection from cold infection.

Chest Binder

Approx Price: Rs 325 / Piece 
Thick, anatomic, extra soft, PUF pad grips and binds the fractured stemum comfortably. Strong, V shaped elastic band gives good compression & helps in equidistribution of pressure. Reduces post operative pain and discomfiture, facilitates phlegm expulsion. Bi-tongued hook-loop tape ensure controlled compression and easy application.

Contoured L.S. Support

Approx Price: Rs 685 / Piece 
Lumbar Sacro Support is designed to provide support & comfort to the patient in low back pain. With flexi contoured splints, it provides support to weak back muscles & corrects the postural deformity.

Lumbo Sacral Support

Approx Price: Rs 585 / Piece 
Ideal back support for general use in mild back ache. Flexible back splints, on wearing takes the body’s shape for comfortable immobilization. Highly porous elastic webbing improves ventilation and comfort. Heat resistant rubber with high modulus of elasticity ensures durability and resilience. Double pull elastic mechanism provides extra compression & improve splinting action.

Pregnancy Back Support

Approx Price: Rs 615 / Piece 
Splint elastic panel gives good grip to the back splints, relieves the load, lifts the foetus without putting pressure on it. Anatomical pre shaped splints improves posture, provides effective immobilization, relieves back ache associated with pregnancy. Double pull mechanism improves splinting action.

Rib Belt

Approx Price: Rs 325 / Piece 
Strong orthopedic webbing, compresses and holds surgical incisions during coughing bouts and alleviates pain. Additional Ethafoam pad offers a strong localized grip at the fracture site, improves immobilization and heeling. Large hook-loop panel allows controlled compression and flexibility in sizing. Extra porous material ensures good ventilation and patient comfort.

Taylor Brace

Product Details:
  • Size: S, M , L , XL, XXL

Rigid, removable, customizable, anatomically contoured, splints ensure perfect fitting, enhanced immobilization & right spinal posture. Adjustable shoulder straps, offer neutral spinal posture, strong grip & self tightening of the brace, Sleek, PUF fused body offers good cushioning, better comfort and pleasing aesthetics. Convenient sizing in two heights & two circumferences.

Tummy Trimmer & Abdominal Belt

Approx Price: Rs 525 / Piece 
Recommended after surgery or after delivery to support abdominal region. It is also used as back support or post-operative belt.
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